The BFG KO2 Looks Like the Real Deal

By Optima Jim | November 09, 2014

Wow! What an incredible time I had with BFG in Baja! I was fortunate enough to be invited by BFG to be in one of the groups that went down to Ensenada and Mike's Sky Ranch to learn more about the new KO2. The new KO2 has all the appearances of being the real deal. I know it's often difficult to really make a determination of how good a new tire might be in a relatively-short timeframe, but there were BC cars down there that ran in the 1000 with the same tires that they ran during our event and they were holding up really well.

I'm not a seasoned rock crawler or a veteran off-road racer, but they had plenty of both down there and they really put the tires through their paces (often at the expense of their wheels). I don't know how many dozens of tires were in action or how many total off-road miles were accumulated during our time down there, but it's very safe to say the total was in the thousands and there was not a single tire failure the entire time. That is particularly impressive given the track record of members of the media and the way they are known to beat on (and in some cases outright destroy) press fleet vehicles. These tires will be available in early-November, just in time for winter driving, so keep your eyes peeled!

Incredible time with BFG in Baja!