Hammering on the COMP2 A/S

By Andrew Comrie-Picard | April 17, 2015

It's been a great week in Los Angeles, at least for me! On the one hand, I got my first crack at really hammering on the new Comp-2 A/S during a flat-out, police-controlled run through Glendora Mountain Road in a 500hp turbo-charged Subaru BRZ from Crawford Performance. How fast? How about drifting the mountain hairpins and getting all four wheels off the ground?! I'll tell you this: even though it's an all-season tire, it has upper limits and predictability way beyond what you will ever expect in even most summer-only ultra-high-performance tires. Trust me, it was my butt hanging off the edge of the mountain in a 70mph drift. I was also happy to know that if we got any water on the road, or even some snow (it happens, this is Mount Baldy area), that we'd still have boots on that would handle it. Stay tuned for the video... it's truly awesome. (And check out my Porsche 930 that I drove up to the Mount Baldy shoot on its Comp-2s - they look boss on that car. Also I MAY have taken advantage of the closed road to hammer on those a bit...).

And speaking of UHP summer tires, last night I was late for my acting class (no, really, my acting class) in Burbank and normally I would take my classic Porsche 928 on Touring T/As, but instead I took the "family" 2013 VW GTI that's on Rivals. But it was POURING rain, which basically never happens out here (you've probably heard about our drought). Nothing doing, though, the VW was at the front of the driveway. Well, despite all the oil rising to the surface in this first rain in weeks, I'm happy to report that under wide-open throttle on the on-ramps and full braking for the exits (trust me, you don't want to be late for a Meisner acting class), and a few stoplights besides, the Rivals were AWESOME in the wet. I knew this from some of our track testing of them, but it's different in real-world circumstances, when the run-out is a semi-trailer. Very high grip in the wet, and confidence-inspiring and predictable. Shouldn't be surprising, since that's BFG's normal philosophy, but still remarkable in a very fast UHP in the wet. Love 'em.

And I made my class on time.

Stay tuned for that video!